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SimpliCD Rates

03/18/2019 at 7:45:05 AM

Investment TermTop RateAverage Rate*
182 Days 2.33% 2.26%
272 Days 2.44% 2.37%
1 year 2.56% 2.49%
18 Months 2.70% 2.53%
2 Years 2.84% 2.63%
30 Months 2.70% 2.51%
3 Years 2.77% 2.74%
4 Years 2.88% 2.75%
5 Years 3.00% 2.85%

*Average of top five rates

Posted rates are indications only and include the top rates available for each category. Actual rates will vary based on the amount of an investor's existing CD holdings and may be higher or lower than the above rates. To receive actual rates, please call your Investment Representative. The custodian for SimpliCD is Primary Financial Company LLC, a credit union service organization (CUSO) owned jointly by corporate credit unions located throughout the United States.



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